We hear the words scheme and scrappage mentioned so often at the moment, I reckon its odds on that you and I will soon be subsidising the European and Japanese car industries with our hard-earned.

Although it sometimes seems that the government despises the motor industry, it is only just beginning to realise that rather a lot of livelihoods depend on the manufacture and sale of cars.

Their normal reaction would be to poke us with sticks in a showroom -like direction, but instead all the panicking company car bosses are pleading for them to go a bit softer and bribe us with our own money.

As I regularly point out in my Autocar column, One Careful Owner, it isn’t very difficult to get £2000 off just about anything at the moment, and that includes a brand new Golf. So won’t those discounts disappear or be absorbed somehow into any new, government-approved price drop?