It may not be immediately obvious in photographs, but the Laguna Coupe has more than a hint of modern Aston Martin in its styling.

This was much commented upon at the Paris motor show. It’s said that ex-Aston design boss Ian Callum visited the Renault stand and was particularly complimentary about the two-door Laguna. Perhaps Callum was flattered by the Vanquish-style grille.

Anyway, I mentioned this at a dinner with a senior Renault design boss who confirmed our suspicions. The designer of the Laguna Coupe is not only a fan of Astons; he’s also an Aston owner.

And the car’s harmonious design is a consequence – all too rare in the car industry - of the same designer following the project from the first sketch right through to putting the car into production.

The Laguna Coupe is easily one of the most appealing Renaults in years. I think there are more than a few crossed fingers in Paris that the company finally has a car in the D segment that might finally hit the spot.