The last three weeks have gone by in something of a blur. The run-in to the Frankfurt motor show inevitably means trips to the Continent for an early view and private briefing on some of the star exhibits. I spent a whole week in Germany, with a flight every day, in order to get up close and personal with the new 911, new Ford Evos concept and the Fisker Surf.

There are some considerable fringe benefits, however, one of which was dinner at the new(ish) Porsche museum in Stuttgart. As impressive as the new 991-series 911 is, it was very hard not be distracted by the exhibits and very frustrating not to have more time to look around.

             Ultra-rare Porsche 918 in the Stuttgart museum

I did manage a quick look around and got lucky, finding three of my all-time favourite oddities parked next to each other. As an ex-914 owner (not for very long, admittedly) I was delighted to see the ultra-rare 918. From the outside, it looked like a plain-jane early 914, but under the skin was a water-cooled, 3.0-litre, flat-eight engine.

With 296bhp on tap, and far better handling than a period 911, it’s a great pity that only two were made, though one was given to Ferdinand Porsche as a birthday present. I’m a big supporter of the 914 which, for a long period, was airbrushed out of Porsche history, despite sharing much of its running gear with the 911 and being the fastest-selling Porsche until the 1990s. (Incidentally, anybody know what happened to CTV 81K, my old 914?).