According to a press release that’s just appeared in my inbox, what with it being Valentines Day and therefore a guaranteed one-way street to the centre of Hades as far as the PR and advertising industries are concerned, men should forget trying to impress women with flash cars – because that’s not what they’re interested in apparently.

Instead, according to the good people at – which is ‘a free and simple online shopping facility that helps consumers to support a cause of their choice’ – what the women of today really want is a chap with a charitable heart, someone who supports good causes, not someone who drives about in a bright red Ferrari with his undercarriage metaphorically on display.

Psychologist Dr Penny Goldsbrough says; ‘Today’s woman is looking for a man with strength of character, rather than the car he drives' (which makes not a lot of sense grammatically, even if the sentiment is obvious – but then that’s the PR industry for you in a nutshell).

Dr Goldsbrough goes on to claim that ‘We’re moving away from a ready, steady spend society (you don’t say, Mrs Sherlock) towards a more caring culture. We’re no longer as concerned with peer pressure and keeping up with the Joneses,’ she says.