You’ll be delighted to learn that this Christmas will be a superb one at Ruppert Towers this year. That’s because I instructed my bookmaker to put everything I owned and owed him on the Leaf to win. He thought it was running in the 2.30, but when he discovered the truth laughed out loud and gave me incredible odds against.

Consequently this Christmas will all be beer and skittles as I celebrate the latest win in what is an increasingly bizarre contest to decide the best ride, as youngsters say, for 2011. I have to be careful of course because my employers do get involved in organising all this, providing the pencils and paper to jot down the scores. So as there is plenty of evidence against me as someone who doesn’t ‘get’ the Leaf and who is therefore out of step with the prevailing politically correct ‘batteries are best’ journalistic love in, I will take a look back.

This is not the first odd winner: I mentioned the Chrysler Alpine recently and got a lovely email from a reader with a garage full of them. On reflection they were spacious and uncomplicated.

For me, one of the few deserving winners is the Porsche 928 if we are going to get all future technology about it. Oh yes and the Mercedes S-Class, what a belter and the slippery Audi 100 of course. Is there a pattern emerging here? The Rover SD1 was a great choice, but then on reflection it really wasn’t at all. The Volkswagen Golf was never a winner when it was any good, just when it went awful in 1992.