I was going to bang on about insurance. No really. All that comparison nonsense, the fact your original insurer has to bullied into giving you money off, and so forth, But hey, it’s the weekend. That’s boring, so let’s go and see a film with cars in it.

I saw Inception the other day and idly wondered why when he could imagineer brave new dream worlds, why didn’t Di Caprio and his slumber party crew come up with some interesting cars as well as the cityscapes. It was all stock Yank and Mercedes limo fodder and some Eurotrash hatches when they were in Paris

So the question ought to be, "Just what sort of motor would you drive in your dreams (invented mad flights of fancy involving an Angel Delight-powered hovering Lambretta)?" But really, I also wondered what your favourite car film is.

Not the obvious ones, though. We all love or hate Bullitt, The Italian Job and Le Mans. I especially love Le Mans because when it came out, me and my mate Keith were the only ones in the cinema. No, there are films that are not about cars at all but for those of us who appreciate motors can still find a lot to drool over.

Going right back, School for Scoundrels was great, not least because there is a lovely Healey 3000 in it and Terry Thomas. Car salesmen Dennis Price and Peter Jones are absolutely brilliant, turning over the hero Ian Carmichael and then getting their comeuppance in the end. Get Carter is chock full of cracking dialogue and gritty violence, but the Mk2 Jag with three doors, the Alpine with its boot full, the hire car ‘Tina and that sinister 109-inch Land Rover are great bit part players.