As I faff about not buying a car for a grand or possibly two, someone, somewhere in the UK has 165 million euros to spend on their next set of wheels. I was even dragged onto a radio show to help the winner splurge their wad and there are no end of exciting ways to do that.

Of course if it floats, flies or does something else beginning with f, the consequences can always be rather expensive, but there is no better way to spend serious money than on cars. See Jay Leno.

With Mr Leno in mind, there isn’t anything you could not buy that’s regarded as a classic. Any Ferrari, especially a 250GTO  and an ex F1 jobbie with full supporting crew and trailer. Why not make that a full grid. In fact why not assemble the 1980 ProCar series with all those marvellous M1s? Then again, I’d certainly want to buy myself the Tyrrell P34 and then make it road legal so I could take it to the shops.