I was as saddened as everyone else to learn of the demise of Lola Cars. I took a few minutes to thumb through my Lion Book of Motor Racing 1970 which had several sexy pictures of a Type 70 GT from the 1969 Racing Car Show. It made we wonder why if a company is so good at what it does, how can it fail?

I mean Lotus. I’ve never understood just how they could get it so wrong and lurch from crisis to crisis over the last few decades. All the ingredients are there for world domination, but it just never seems to happen.

Running a business is in essence quite a simple proposition. Make something or provide a service that people want. Make it, or provide those services properly so you don’t let customers down. Oh yes and make sure that there is more money coming in than going out.

The car business is supposed to be different, what with all those rules and regulations it has to meet. But so does every company whether it is a corner shop or a freelance journalist who may have diversified into all sorts of import/export shenanigans.

Business can’t even be explained by an hour’s telly. The Apprentice and Dragon’s Den bear no relation to the real world of paying corporation tax. Probably because they are TV programmes.