Although there’s not much to see I am, as they say in Brussels, very much liking what I am seeing. Take a look at this video.

It’s one of those slightly irritating freak seaview vids that shows a bit of a car – in this case a very purple and rather sexy looking one – in moody lighting. The difference is here, there’s also a nice man from Infiniti on hand to explain precisely what’s interesting about it.

The man is Infiniti’s deputy division general manager of product planning and strategy, Francois Bancon; and the car he’s showing us and talking about, albeit in a suitably mysterious non-committal kind of way, is the all new sports car concept that Infiniti intends to unveil at the forthcoming Geneva show.

It’s a range extender hybrid, apparently, and it boasts a 1.2-litre internal combustion engine that powers a battery pack and an electric motor, and these in turn make the wheels go round.