Although there’s not much to see I am, as they say in Brussels, very much liking what I am seeing. Take a look at this video.

It’s one of those slightly irritating freak seaview vids that shows a bit of a car – in this case a very purple and rather sexy looking one – in moody lighting. The difference is here, there’s also a nice man from Infiniti on hand to explain precisely what’s interesting about it.

The man is Infiniti’s deputy division general manager of product planning and strategy, Francois Bancon; and the car he’s showing us and talking about, albeit in a suitably mysterious non-committal kind of way, is the all new sports car concept that Infiniti intends to unveil at the forthcoming Geneva show.

It’s a range extender hybrid, apparently, and it boasts a 1.2-litre internal combustion engine that powers a battery pack and an electric motor, and these in turn make the wheels go round.

Which wheels? Not sure, but it certainly looks like the rear ones, at the very least, are propelled. How many emissions? None directly from the car itself. How much fun to drive? Lots, according to monsieur Bancon.

Are we excited by this ground breaking new Infiniti, whose chassis may or may not end up being signed off by Sebastian Vettel himself? You bet. For more news about it, watch this space.