All this talk about motorway widening has got me a bit incensed. There is no point in adding more lanes to motorways until the people using them learn how to use the ones we've got properly. Same goes for the plan to open up hard shoulders to ease congestion;. The fact is, you can go on adding capacity wherever you want, but if everyone's sitting in the middle lane at 64mph and everyone else is in the outside lane trying to get past them at 66mph while the inside lane remains empty, you'll need to tarmac England before we conquer jams.

Perhaps we could instill a sense of awareness into drivers. Look behind you occasionally. If there is something behind you, pull over. Is the lane to your left empty? Pull over.

Two years ago the Highways Agency used some of those electronic message signs by the side of the motorway to tell us to keep left after overtaking. Great idea, but the campaign lasted - wait for it -­ two weeks. And then they went back to displaying non-information messages such as 'Don't Drink and Drive'.

I am going to find out why the Agency didn't keep this up. The RAC reckons we lose up to 700 miles of motorway every day because people do not pull over; it will be a lot cheaper and less destructive to get people to drive properly than to build lots of new road that they won't use properly.