Dutch company Spyker has to be one of the world’s most refreshing car companies right now. Its motto is “Nulla Tenci invia est via”, which translates literally to mean; for the tenacious no road is impassable.

Or as a representative of the company told me during a drive of the new Aileron this week; anything is possible, so long as you’ve got the balls for it.

Spyker C8 Aileron first drive review

The Aileron itself, as you can read elsewhere on the site at the moment, is a beguiling oddball of a supercar, not perhaps the most ground breaking of its kind dynamically but, without question, one of the more charming supercars you’ll likely come across. Among its potential buyers are Jennifer Lopez and Missy Elliot, both of whom already own and, apparently, drive Spykers at the moment.

So how come a decidedly leftfield sports car maker from Holland, which once dallied with – and failed – in Formula One, has got itself in a position where it has recently bought Saab lock, stock and barrel?