With the aid of the massive hype behind the current UN climate summit at Copenhagen, the US Environmental Protection Agency has declared that ‘greenhouse gases are a danger to public health.’

It’s hard to know what to say.

The EPA was founded in 1970 and pioneered the reduction of pollutants from the atmosphere, especially through the Clean Air Act. It forced carmakers to radically clean up car exhausts, bringing in extra-stringent regulations in California.

Indeed, so uncompromising was the EPA that in 1990 it effectively banned diesel cars – notorious for their NoX and soot pollution - from being sold in California.

Despite this admirable record of hardheaded science, the EPA has been strong-armed into declaring that a gas, which is not only essential to plant life, but also just 0.038% of earth’s atmosphere, is ‘dangerous to human health’.

The truth is that it is only by doing this that fuel economy regulations can be enacted across the United States. By declaring CO2 to be pollution, the US government can now lean heavily on not just cars but all types of industry that uses fossil fuels.