Don’t you just a love a very British bit of controversy? The news this week that BSM has ended its 16-year relationship with Vauxhall to use the Corsa as its learner car of choice has certainly raised a few eyebrows, not least my own.

You can see why BSM has done its deal with Fiat; the 500 is a very stylish car and has a lot more appeal to a 17-year-old than a standard Corsa.

Read the full story of BSM ditching Vauxhall for Fiat here

My dad is a driving instructor so I decided to have a chat with him about how much a difference what car you learn to drive in makes, and I was quite surprised to hear what he had to say.

He teaches people in a Peugeot 206 and it generally goes down quite well with the pupils. But does it make a big difference in them wanting to learn to drive with him? No. And does he lose or gain any business from having a 206? Probably not.

When I spoke to him he had a pupil sat next to him and she said as long as the car wasn’t old and rusty then it didn’t make a difference what it was. Interesting considering BSM hopes to attract more females to learn with them with its 500s.