Last week I was lucky enough to have lunch at McLaren Cars with inspirational MD Antony Sheriff, who wanted to prove to us (Mr Editor Holder and me) how quickly Britain’s newest car maker can make changes if it wants to.

We and a few others reckoned in early testing that the McLaren MP4-12C was a bit too quiet in top performance mode – so they’ve changed it for the production models. A local blast proved that it now sounds magnificent, still beautifully bred and (important) still nothing like a Ferrari.

There’s a risk, some may reckon, in admitting a lack of perfection when you are at the very beginning of creating a new car company, but Jim and I found ourselves thinking the very reverse.

The generator for this move was McLaren’s unquenchable desire to make things as enjoyable as humanly possible for its customers, and there can’t be a better reason for change than that.