18 June 2014

Can Mercedes-Benz's 355bhp A45 AMG out-muscle the storming 322bhp BMW M235i on a tight handling track? Steve Sutcliffe is the man to find out.

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bezor Ta 20 June 2014

BMW always a better driver's car

BMW has always been a better drivers car. The balanced chassis and the control you have over the car often confuses some people of think of themselves as better drivers than they actually are. They driver faster than they should and get into all sort of trouble which also gives BMW drivers a bad reputation.

Mercedes and Audi could never match the softness and at the same time sporty handling of BMW so they counter with ever stiffer suspensions, more and more power and AWD. They tend to end up as fast peoples carriers and not driver's car. This M235i is a good example, comfy but sporty with uncorrupted steering that won't keep pushing in corners with ever increasing understeer. The coming soon and proper M2 will be much faster than this M235i and all it's rivals.

Will86 20 June 2014

1 Series?

Surely the M135i would have been a better comparison...
JOHN T SHEA 20 June 2014

The first rain shower would put the 4WD Merc way ahead.

The first rain shower would put the 4WD Merc way ahead.