17 February 2014

BMW, along with Tesla, is doing what looked impossible a few years ago. Electric cars are finally becoming desirable. Maybe it took the power of a couple of premium brands to help them on the way. Or maybe it's the radical looks and carbonfibre structure of the BMW i3? Either way, EVs are here to stay.

And if the BMW i3 is anything to go by, they're here to be enjoyed, rather than endured.

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winniethewoo 26 February 2014


you want what car, not autocar for that. if autocar were asked to review a mobility scooter, they would probably take it on a track and tell you if it oversteers or not if you lift off mid corner.
owenmahamilton 22 February 2014

Discounts to be had

It appears that the i3 is not selling, my dad's next door neighbour has been offered £8,000 off the price of an i3 (after the government grant).
Citytiger 22 February 2014

Vauxhall Ampera

Review 20th Feb 2014, Good points:Short-range fuel efficiency, Everyday usability, Uncompromised performance. Bad points: Fidgeting ride Uncommunicative steering Slightly prohibitive price.

How can they complain about the price of the Ampera when its a hell of a lot more car, which could be used as an only vehicle unlike the i3, which is only any real use as a second vehicle, is better equipped, more practicable and cheaper than the i3, but in the review at the end price and spec summary they have failed to remove the Govt £5k grant making it appear more expensive than the i3, when according to Vauxhall it starts at £28750, but according to Autocar it starts at £32995. WHY IS THAT? Especially when in Autocars own i3 review they state, Good points: Sprightly performance Characterful handling Competitive price
Bad points: Extended range could be greater Limited usability Rear door arrangement.

Now tell me they are not biased.