26 March 2019

Have you ever wondered how to build a supercar? We did, so while we were on a job in the US driving a Honda NSX from one side of the country to another, we stopped by the factory.

The Honda Performance Manufacturing Center, in Marysville, Ohio, was purpose built to manufacture the Acura Honda NSX/Honda NSX (how it's badged depends on where it's sold). It's just down the road from a factory that churns out 800 Accords a day. The NSX factory would do a hundredth of that on a good day.

So how do you do it? We investigate from start to finish, from welding booth to final assembly and rolling road test, how to build a supercar.


Honda NSX review

America's Route 66 - in an NSX

Honda NSX sharpened for 2019 with chassis upgrades

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Happyfeet 28 March 2019

Within Range

I view this as an 'affordable supercar'.  Excellent build-quality; great brand reputation; virtually recall free; durable; exclusivity, are just a few of the positive attributes of owning this vehicle.  I'd buy one in hearbeat; were I in the market for this class of vehicle.

Thekrankis 26 March 2019

Why build them....

....if no-one buys them?

ckracer76 26 March 2019

Title must be a typo...should read "How NOT to build"

This generation NSX is highly competent in every area except the most important...it is not emotive enough. A supercar needs to pull at the heart strings with outrageous styling, thrilling drive and beautiful interior.

This is none of those things.

Honda should have called it CRX and charged £50k less with less reliance on carbon fibre to save build cost.

Honda NSX is a wasted opportunity just like the new Toyota Supra. Surely Honda and Toyota are aware of the hero status, racing history and tuning heritage of both their predecessors.

Perhaps Mitsubishi can bring back the GT3000/GTO and show how it's done. Whatever next a mid-engined Corvette...? On no!