We rather liked the Sport Turbo. We were impressed by the standard of finish, the ease of its hood’s use and, in no short time, by its performance. And during well over 500 miles of testing with us, it wormed its way into many of our testers’ affections, particularly when using it for a long journey. The Westfield was little more painful to jump into and drive on a drizzly morning than a conventional sports car.

The question is, however, whether that’s what you really want from a car like this. And whether, even if it is, this is the optimum set-up. There’s no reason, for example, why its level of usability couldn’t be combined with a faster, more feelsome steering system. Likewise, an engine without a turbo would not have to be frenetic, but would allow greater adjustability in corners. Ultimately, however, even though it is not to our exact tastes, there is still much here to admire.

The Westfield Sport Turbo 3 is an amusing alternative to the mainstream, but an acquired taste