So is the Scirocco a hot hatch or a four-seat coupé? It certainly has the ingredients to cut it as a hot hatch, mixing incredible performance, front-wheel drive and everyday practicality.

But compared with the most focused rivals, the Scirocco doesn’t offer quite the precision or excitement to outclass Ford Focus RS as a pure driver’s tool. But it does get mighty close, especially considering its strengths in other areas.

The Scirocco R mixes performance and everyday practicality in a gratifying fashion

If you asked which we’d take for a lap of the Nordschleife, it would be the Ford, but to live with and drive for a month, a year or three years it would be the VW.     

So perhaps we should be asking how it stacks up as a coupé, against the likes of BMW’s M240i or Nissan 370Z. Especially given that the Scirocco R’s pricing puts it square in reach of such competitors.

You know what though? We’d still rather have the VW.  

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