We think living with a Volkswagen Scirocco may be even more satisfying than driving one. It’s excellent value and likely to prove extremely strong residually.

Those wanting ultimate fuel economy can opt for one of the impressive diesels – although you lose an element of the fun factor, you’ll be rewarded with economy more akin to a supermini than a coupé.

Living with a Volkswagen Scirocco may be even more satisfying than driving one

VW has reduced the Golf’s already small fuel tank, so you can now squeeze only 50 litres into the Scirocco, meaning those diesel models are even more tempting if you do a decent number of miles.

Although the entry-level 1.4 will get you the Scirocco look and all the essential kit is on board, we’d spend another couple of grand for the bigger of the 2.0-litres – you’ll not get any more kit, but you’ll have a great deal more fun.

The most powerful standard 2.0-litre petrol is more fun still, while the GTS ramps it up further without stepping into the R's territory.

There’s quite a leap within the Scirocco range to the R model but, like the rest of the range, it come very well equipped. We suspect that because other models in the Scirocco range border at times on being a veritable bargain, VW is asking a premium for the Scirocco R because it can.

In its defence, like all Sciroccos, its residual values will look after you; it’s unique among hot hatch rivals in that it’ll retain more than 50 percent of its value over three years/60,000 miles. Watch out for fixed price servicing offers from VW – they’re a worthwhile option.


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