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Steering, suspension and ride comfort

Even with our Sport model’s stiffer suspension, the Volkswagen Eos strikes a happy medium between balance and comfort. There is some fidget from the 18in wheels, but less than you’d find in a similarly equipped Golf GTI, and the ride over high-speed undulations is superbly controlled. In the unlikely event that you find yourself wanting to thrash an Eos down your favourite B-road, you’ll find impressive grip, faithful turn-in, a planted rear end and accurate but inert steering.

Like all cars of its type, the Eos’s torsional stiffness suffers from the lack of a permanent roof; top down, high-frequency ridges translate to visible movement in the header rail and an occasional shimmer through the steering.

The Eos strikes a happy medium between balance and comfort

But the extent of movement is less than any of the other cars we’ve driven in the class. Furthermore, mid-corner bumps don’t result in undue body flex. With the roof up, the steering becomes crisper, and background shudder vanishes and the Eos could easily be a proper coupe.

Dynamically, then, the Eos covers all the bases with a strong, versatile engine line-up and a chassis that keeps it all together should you want to go quickly, with only the brakes’ propensity to fade disappointing.

Nevertheless, the package works best at a cruise, the suspension keeping body movements in check while effectively massaging away the outside world.