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Dashboard, infotainment, sat-nav and passenger space

Even though the Agila's cabin has a simple design, it’s obvious a lot of clear thinking between Vauxhall and Suzuki was involved in its creation. It has a certain style, thanks to the careful selection of hard but not nasty-textured plastics on the dash, the distinctive instrument display and the tasteful upholstery.

Too often we’ve seen cabins of similar cars with their shortcomings covered up with a riot of attention-diverting colours, shapes and pointless gimmicks. Here there is no need and its designers know it.

The cabin has a certain style, thanks to the careful selection of plastics

They’ve got the basic relationships between the driver, steering wheel, pedals and gear lever spot-on as well. The wheel adjusts for rake only, but even tall drivers will not be unduly inconvenienced by this.

In fact, all owners are more likely to notice that the wheel is the perfect thickness, the gear lever is the perfect distance away and the pedals are ideally placed right in front of the driver instead of displaced to one side.

The seats also feel from like they’ve come from at least a class up. Not for Vauxhall the short-cushion, oversprung chairs that have historically resided in such cars – in the front or back the seats do a fine job of holding you comfortably in place over long distances. Not that you’ll want to spend much time in the back, and none at all in the centre seat, which in truth is little more than an occasional perch.

Headroom, however, is outstanding, and while legroom is probably better than most other offerings in this class, the Agila is a substantial 260mm shorter even than a Corsa.

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More impressive is the boot, which equals the best its selected rivals can offer with the rear seats in place; once these have been folded flat it’s the most capacious car in the class. This operation is delightfully simple to execute, a single lever simultaneously dropping the seat back while the base slides forward and dips down to create a fully flat floor. There’s useful underfloor storage, too.