The Suzuki S-Cross is not the best family-sized crossover hatchback you can buy. In fact, it lags behind rivals in most of the ways that will give you a good first impression of a car. The interior is conspicuously cheap and antiquated and it doesn’t offer much in the way of connectivity; the car’s not particularly engaging to drive, and even the space on offer is only worth qualified praise.

However, when you live with the car for a while, you start to see why people are very satisfied with Suzuki ownership and keep coming back to the brand. Everything you need is provided, and that provision even extends to a comfortable and unpretentious ride. The S-Cross manages to combine relatively peppy performance and good drivability with very creditable economy and a low purchase price; so it covers the basics rather well.

Spec advice? There’s not much to choose with the S-Cross. We’d have the manual, and stick with Motion trim, unless you have a specific reason for needing four-wheel drive

It’s easy to sniff at the S-Cross. It has little to offer either the car enthusiast (other than easy heel-toe gearchanges) or the aspirational car buyer. But that leaves a fair few people who are after functional, dependable, keenly priced transport that has all the safety features you might expect from a modern car, and the S-Cross aces that brief.