Over the years the Cayenne has faced an increasingly consistent challenge to its claim to be the SUV for anyone also interested in driving and, indeed, hot versions of the Mercedes-Benz GLS, BMW X5 and Range Rover Sport have encroached on the turf of the Turbo to a greater than ever extent though none has yet comprehensively dislodged it from place at the head of the table.

But over 80 percent of Cayennes sold in the UK are diesels and as a thing to drive, these remain a world apart from cooking versions of other SUVs to which it can be compared. They may be more spacious or frugal or both, but if you need an SUV but want to drive, the Cayenne remains the best the market currently has to offer.

The Porsche Cayenne is a seriously impressive performance SUV, although the hybrid model disappoints

In fact we can make a case for most of them: the diesel as the ultimate all rounder, the GTS as the most sporting full sized SUV on the market and the Turbos as the most gloriously excessive.

Even the S has its place, offering 90 percent of the performance and ability of the Turbo S but for little more than half the money. Only the hybrid leaves us scratching our heads: heavy, unrefined and neither that fast or frugal, if it makes sense at all it is in a country other than ours.

Otherwise the Porsche Cayenne is what it has always been: the only full sized SUV with an across the board credible claim to being a real driver’s car too.

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