Noble has an uncanny knack of achieving the impossible with the ride and handling of its cars, but the M600 takes things to a new level. In short, it handles beautifully, yet it also rides with an eerie level of comfort on the public road.

This is not a machine with which you can take liberties, especially not on a wet road with the traction control disengaged, but it never does anything you don’t expect. There are no sharp edges to the way the grip fades at either end, even if you are silly enough to give it a bootful out of a slow corner.

Supercars that handle well on track and ride properly on the road are few and far between

Having said that, you do need to have your head in the right place to get the most out of the M600 and not end up in the undergrowth. Drive it like a Porsche Boxster, for example, and you’ll find yourself in trouble; this is a very rapid car that will light up its rear tyres on a dry surface readily in third gear with some cornering load in the suspension.

The M600’s steering is very well weighted and extremely accurate, without ever feeling neurotic in its response. Although it appears to be geared very quickly at just 2.2 turns across the locks, the lock itself is exceptionally good for a mid-engined car, which means two things: one, the turning circle is excellent; two, you are highly unlikely to run out of lock when correcting a slide.

Downsides? The tyres generate a fair bit of noise on rough surfaces. And though unusually friendly as it may be for a 200mph car, the lack of anti-lock brakes must again go down as an issue, because it robs the driver of a little confidence. But beyond that it’s pretty hard to fault the M600’s chassis.

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