Nissan isn’t frightened to stick a high price tag on the Nissan Micra – it’s possible to spend more than £15,000 before you attack the options list.

The running costs for the Micra are also compelling. Cheap insurance, decent economy and an emissions rating that translates into low VED tax rates or company car tax rates that are negligible are all among the best running costs in the class.

The Micra looks pricy compared to rivals from Suzuki and Kia

The official average economy figures for the 1.2-litre petrol engines aren’t bad, so you can understand why Nissan hasn’t bothered with a diesel version, for which it would have to charge a premium. The naturally aspirated 1.2 churns out 115g/km and returns an official average of 56.5mpg, increasing to 125g/km and 52.3mpg when specified with the CVT gearbox.

It’s still difficult to justify the Nissan over similarly affordable and yet much more likeable competitors but, even so, the financial argument for the Micra is easily its most persuasive element.


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