Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

Mitsubishi Evos have never been cheap cars to buy and run, and the X is no exception. The list price for the base FQ-300 is slightly lower than for the equivalent Subaru, but compared to the BMW M3 or Audi RS3 that Mitsubishi says the Evo is an alternative to, it looks a bargain. It’s well equipped, too, with climate control, cruise control, a 30Gb hard disc music server and Recaro seats all supplied as standard. It’ll also retain more of its value than an Impreza on the used market.

No Evo will be cheap to insure, and the car needs a 1000-mile first oil change, although after that services are required once every 10,000 miles, which is far longer apart than Evos of old. Expect frequent fuel stops – we returned 6.9mpg while driving an FQ-300 hard, but 27.1mpg is possible at a cruise.