Whichever Mercedes E-Class you buy, you’re buying into a way of thinking unlike any other in the class.

Its rivals might obsess about image and what customers might think their cars say about them, but Mercedes has more meaty matters on its mind.

Steve Cropley Autocar

Steve Cropley

The E-Class majors on comfort, quality and space – exactly what a good Mercedes-Benz should

So it’s true the E-Class won’t turn heads like an A6 or spark envy like a 5 Series. Indeed it’s entirely possible it’ll say things about you that you may not appreciate. The E-Class has never been a car to which hot shots aspire and that remains the case today.

But what if you don’t care about all of that? What if what really matters to you is that you drive a car of real quality and engineering integrity? What if it matters more to you that your car is quiet and comfortable for your entire family than it’s ability to make the neighbours turn green with envy? That is the Mercedes E-Class’s pitch and it’s a convincing one.

You’ll never see the E-Class at its best on a round the block test drive, but live with one for a few days and see how well it slips unobtrusively into your life and you might well end up feeling you’d not mind if it hung around for a few months. Or years.

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AMGs aside - and their appeal derives from simply being the best supersaloons and estates on sale - the E-Class is not a car that likes to shout and scream its credentials. It would much prefer merely to get on with the job quietly and capably. And that is a task to which it is near perfectly suited.

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