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Bodystyle, dimensions and technical details

The 2 has an impressively lithe originality about it. The skin is heavily-sculpted and the intertwining surfaces give the smallest Mazda a taut look. Clever details abound; for example, the distinctive ‘wings’ over the front wheels are taken from the RX-8 rotary-engined coupé.  

The side of car has a very marked scallop in the lower door skin which is complimented by a rising line that starts just above the front wheel arch and climbs steeply through the front door handle and over the top of the rear door handle, wrapping over into the top of the rear light cluster.  

The Mazda 2 remains a handsome car, full of nice design touches

Mazda’s stylists have cleverly – and elegantly – distorted the two surfaces that are defined by this line. In the right colour, the side of the Mazda 2 is a masterclass in making pressed steel look beguiling. The rear elevation is less radical, but still neat and tightly drawn. The facelifted front end now gets a huge, five-corner, grille and big fog lights: a big improvement over the launch model.