From £104,0259

A fantastically well-isolated luxury car and fully paid-up capable 4x4

With a model line-up as broad as the Range Rover’s, there’s bound to be some variation between how good we think the best and least good model in the range is, and we suspect that this short-wheelbase model, on 22in rather than 23in wheels and with a sensible-ish drivetrain, is near to as good as it currently gets.

In cabin isolation and ride composure, it’s unrivalled by anything in this class and, we would wager, a few classes either side of it. It feels easily good enough inside for the price Land Rover is asking and its on- and off-road capabilities are outstanding.

We have lingering concerns about the weight: at a quarter of a tonne lighter, the Range Rover would still be a heavy car. But when you throw the amount of technology at a luxury car as Land Rover has to make it go so far off road, there is something of an inevitability about the fact that it will come in at the top end of the market.

And in making the Range Rover for markets where cars of this size are required, that it’s as usable and approachable in the UK is some kind of feat in itself.