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Not as sharp as a Ferrari 430 Scuderia, but still a pedigree supercar

What is it?

The Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, the most obvious rival to the Ferrari F430 Scuderia.

True, the Ferrari is more expensive than the Lamborghini, but adding a robotised-manual gearbox and ceramic brakes to the LP560-4, both standard on the Scuderia, closes the gap. A lot.

The LP560-4 replaces the standard Gallardo coupé. And is a big improvement on it. Its engine is bigger, at 5204cc, and with 552bhp it makes a great deal more power. It sounds better, too.

Underneath it has been thoroughly re-engineered, with revised suspension, newly developed tyres, a lighter body with styling and aerodynamic tweaks and revised drivetrain.

What’s it like?

The differences over the original Gallardo are subtle, but you can tell the new car is faster and even more polished than before.

Now, it rides well, and although the steering has little feel it’s deadly accurate and has less kickback. The way it goes and stops are beyond reproach too.

The new engine makes its peak power at the same 8000rpm as before, and while peak torque is developed at a high 6500rpm, it doesn’t feel peakier overall. The e-gear transmission shifts faster than before, but it’s still slower and less smooth than the Ferrari’s ‘Superfast’ F1 system.

The transmission’s feel is one that’s repeated in other areas. In isolation the Gallardo LP560-4 is as wonderful as you’d expect a 552bhp supercar to feel – poised and agile – but it’s a marginally blunter instrument than the Scuderia; it feels less precise, less delicate.

Some say it understeers too much now: probably true, and lifting, braking or giving it some boot doesn’t help. If, though, you’ve a lot of space and some serious bravery you can power through it into very controllable oversteer.

Should I buy one?

Yes, if you want a supercar that delivers all the speed and sound you could want of a Raging Bull, plus a decent amount of usability, as the LP560-4 is ergonomically very sound. Its sat-nav and stereo are good, you can hitch up the front-suspension for kerbs and speed ramps, there’s a reversing camera and the mirrors are wide.


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Less sharp than a Ferrari 430 Scuderia, yes, but pretty bloody wonderful nonetheless.

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22 July 2008

Surely ths isnt a rival for the scuderia, as its not a track focussed, stripped out version, just a revamped gallardo - ceramic breaks or not!

Wouldn't the Superleggra be the obvious comparison with the Scuderia?

22 July 2008

From what I read the LP560 is supposedly faster and overall superior to the half baked Superleggera though. In my opinion the Superleggera was rushed into a limited production just to steal the Scuderia's thunder, which as we know failed to do, by getting first into the market. The LP560 is a fantastic supercar and much more benign and usable than the nutty Scuderia. If you want the absolute best driving experience though, the Ferrari is a no brainer.

22 July 2008

I agree with Baller, the LP560-4 is a rival for the standard F430 so (theoretically) of course the Lambo isn't going to be as sharp or exciting as the Scuderia. That job will be for the Superlegerra version of the LP560 - should their be one in the pipeline!

Only problem is that all these established junior supercars, inc the 911 Turbo, are probably going to be made to look very silly by the Nissan GTR. It may not have the badge, passion and appeal, but almost everything else about this car is devastating.

22 July 2008

[quote Roy Fullee]Only problem is that all these established junior supercars, inc the 911 Turbo, are probably going to be made to look very silly by the Nissan GTR. It may not have the badge, passion and appeal, but almost everything else about this car is devastating.[/quote]

The LP560 and 430 Scuderia have both been proven to be faster than the GT-R both on the straights and round tracks in tests - except round the Nurburgring I think... Still, the Nissan is one hell of a car for ~£55k.

And yes, this car should be compared with the standard F430 really. The LP560 is priced almost exactly between the base Ferrari and the Scuderia, but the former car is the unlightened, creature-comfort-loaded variant that comes closest to the LP560's niche.

22 July 2008

Indeed! The Scuderia in particular, driven by none other than Alain Prost, lapped the Vairano race track almost 4 seconds quicker than the GTR on the very same day. Prost did not like the GTR much and said that the Ring recond is not credible. The Scuderia's 0-200 km/h time was 2 seconds quicker than that of the GTR. Still a very impressive car for the money this Nissan.

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