From £30,7407

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

With only one version available for less than £40,000, the Sorento is no longer a car you can compare at a cursory glance with the very cheapest seven-seat SUVs for list price, although when you correct for specification and equipment, it still has plenty of value appeal.

Pick a Skoda Kodiaq with a matching power level and it’ll be even pricier than the entry-level Sorento, as well as less fuel efficient and pricier to run, and less well provisioned with active safety systems as standard. Kia’s inclusion of its intelligent speed limit assist, and forward collision avoidance system with both cyclist and pedestrian detection and junction assist is likely to play particularly well with safety-minded parents.

Kia’s cars are no longer depreciation magnets: the Sorento beats the Skoda Kodiaq and almost matches the Discovery Sport

Our test suggests fuel economy won’t be stellar but – depending on where you do most of your motoring – it could just about match that of the diesel. The 43.3mpg touring result, mentioned earlier, isn’t too bad and you’d be unlikely to get considerably better from the diesel.

The hybrid’s economy advantage would be more likely to come in urban use; and if you do a lot of town miles and don’t mind doing them pretty unhurriedly, you might just average 40mpg. From a diesel used in the same way, you’d expect 10% to 20% less