We almost know what to expect from the Rio as an all-new Kia now. Each of its new arrivals is a vast improvement over its predecessor, and so many have appeared since 2008 that a distinct brand identity is beginning to emerge.

If it’s true that you can tell an unbadged Ford or a Volkswagen from the way they drive and the way they feel, so too is it beginning to be true that you can tell a Kia.

The Rio is very well-priced and has an industry-leading warranty

The modern Kia is moderately attractive to look at, moderately attractive to sit in and moderately attractive to drive.

So far, so moderately good. And that would be it, were it not for the fact that one traditional Kia trait more or less remains.

To ensure that its cars maintain a distinct advantage, they’re still very well priced and have an industry-leading warranty. That’s enough to make the Rio more than just moderately appealing.