Jeep is to be congratulated for producing a car so improved. Perhaps for the first time, and certainly since the very first Grand Cherokee was introduced in 1993, it has a fully competitive and credible full-sized, all-purpose SUV.

Originally we felt it could have been better still and we wonder what effect a Mercedes seven-speed transmission would have on performance, economy and emissions. Only the interior, however, truly let the car down; for a car of this price and with this competition, it simply wasn't good enough.

There's a lot to like about the Jeep, which may come as a surprise to many

Jeep's revisions have made the Grand Cherokee a much worthier contender, however, and there is much here to surprise and impress. What’s more, if you need a full-sized SUV and like the low price, pile of equipment and the authenticity of the brand values, this is a Grand Cherokee you no longer need avoid.

After the last one, that’s a huge achievement. Just remember to specify it correctly if you want to maximise its off-road capabilities.


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