From £63,4959

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

There is one significant red flag to consider if you’d like a Jaguar I-Pace, and it is largely out of Jaguar’s control. The car’s grand-touring credentials (and having paid a significant sum for a fast, luxurious machine, one would expect to undertake longer journeys) rely heavily on its ability to rapid charge to 80% battery capacity in 40 minutes using a 100kW rapid charger.

But such chargers have yet to roll out across the UK’s motorway network, and though you’ll easily find a 50kW alternative, in our experience these do not measure up to the car’s capabilities. If you rarely drive more than 150 miles in a day and can charge at home, the car’s range shouldn’t be an issue. On the basis of our touring test energy efficiency result, the car is good for just over 200 miles on a full charge – not brilliant by emerging electric vehicle class standards and a long way from the WLTP claim.

Jag fares incredibly well in the depreciation stakes against rival offerings from premium EV maker Tesla

If that doesn’t sound like it would be enough for you, you’d currently be significantly less inconvenienced by a Tesla Model S and access to Tesla’s impressively far-reaching network of 120kW ‘Supercharging’ stations.