If you want to view an Infiniti FX at your nearest Infiniti centre, you may have something of a drive. At the moment there are just a handful in the UK.

But that doesn’t mean to say that buying and owning an FX will be an inconvenient pleasure. Quite the opposite, in fact. Infiniti talks of a “total ownership experience” in which its customers are treated “like VIPs” during the aftersales process. Lexus-beating treatment is very much Infiniti’s intention, and it’s one we have already experienced – and enjoyed – first hand with our long-term EX37.

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Matt Saunders

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The Infiniti FX is priced around the same level as key rivals, but it has a distinct equipment advantage

Showrooms, for once, fulfil the promise of matching the ambience of luxury ‘boutique’ hotels with plenty of attention to detail when it comes to the showroom itself and the level of service. And, of course, if you so wish, you never have to enter a showroom – Infiniti will deliver a test vehicle, and then take care of collecting and returning the car when it needs servicing.

The Infiniti FX is priced around the same level as other large SUVs such as the Land Rover Discovery and BMW X5, but have a distinct equipment advantage – every model is generously equipped climate control, Bluetooth, leather seats, rear view camera, keyless entry, bi-xenon lights, privacy glass and a powered tailgate. Top spec models get a level of technology on board that you’re lucky to get on the options list of some similarly-priced cars.

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Day to day, the FX30d is a fairly frugal (27.1mpg test average), decently affordable car to run. You’ll be lucky to see 20mpg in the petrol cars, though.

Rarity is currently keeping FX residuals decently high, but if they start to sell in greater numbers that is likely to suffer.

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