The i40 is a car that Hyundai can be proud of. Combining compelling value with commendable practicality, quality, refinement, style and efficiency, it easily deserves a mention in the same breath as, say, the excellent Skoda Superb.

Just as good in most respects as Europe’s best, the i40 isn’t quite a match for the most finely tuned cars in the class in its ride and handling.

No Korean car-maker has ever offered a car with this breadth of talent

However, it’s more than good enough to ensure that many owners won’t discern any shortcoming. No Korean car-maker has ever offered a car with the breadth of talent to stand up in Europe’s most established market segment – until now.

The world’s fastest-growing automotive brand has stepped up to the mark with yet another important model.

Those who overlook the Hyundai i40 do so at considerable cost.


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