We’ve waited a long time for this fourth-generation Mondeo – but not without justification.

The money, time and effort invested by Ford to turn a mid-size, mid-market US saloon into something sufficiently well executed to succeed in Europe has been well spent.

The Ford is less engaging to drive than it was before but it's still distinguished. Practical, and strong value for money, too

This car’s distinguishing quality is its chassis. It is less engaging than before, but its handling is no less fluent, while on ride and refinement the Mondeo is stronger than ever.

The rest of the puzzle remains familiar. The dark, plastic-heavy fascia simply isn’t attractive enough for any big car with big European sales ambitions, and the unimpressive multimedia system will do little to lure back customers lost to the premium brands. 

But counting its practicality, usability, refinement and value, the Mondeo does enough – just – to retain its long-held position at the top of our volume-brand ranks. For now.