Ferrari’s greatest achievement with the 488 GTB is not simply how fast it goes.

Nor is it how it has integrated turbochargers onto its mid-mounted V8 yet retained far more character than any other manufacturer that has tried artificially aspirating its engines.

The best chassis in the business meets the best turbocharged engine

Nor is it that it has given the 488 all the track poise and ability of the 458 Speciale that went before it.

No, the feat is how all of the above have been melded into what is undoubtedly today’s greatest supercar.

Even those testers who think Ferrari comes with certain brand attributes they’d rather live without, testers who think modern supercars are often too fast and too aloof to be enjoyable on the road, drove the 488 and admitted that, if their numbers came up, “yeah, I’d probably have one”.

When the 458 arrived, we were taken aback by what a step-change it was from the F430. While using ostensibly the 458’s platform and some familiar components, Ferrari has done it again.

As a result the Ferrari pips the McLaren 650S, Lamborghini Huracán LP580-2, Honda NSX and Noble M600 to top spot.