The Ferrari 458 Speciale is a car with which we could pick fault. It’s little more civilised than an Atom or Radical.

It’s an imposing drive; at times, a bit too direct and responsive. It’s a relatively easy target for cheaper performance cars on straight-line punch. But frankly, so what? The Speciale wins you over because it’s such a pure, uncorrupted driver’s car.

A spine-tingler. Worthy of five stars even if we mildly prefer Porsche's 911 GT3

Like all great performance cars, it feels over-provisioned for sheer grip and agility, communicates effusively and challenges you to get on its level or find the limit of your own in the process. It’s sensational in its handling and extravagant in its commitment to the pursuit of speed and thrill.

A Porsche 911 GT3 is almost as incredible to drive, more habitable and half the price. Track-biased cars with roofs don't get better.

But in so many ways, the 458 Speciale is simply unequalled – and we wonder if Maranello will turn out anything quite like it ever again.