From £8,7008

Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

The Duster is not just cheap to buy, it’s cheap to run too. Your instincts might tell you to suspect the Nissan Qashqai using the same diesel engine would somehow be more frugal but it’s not: the two-wheel drive diesel Duster that’s be the best seller of the range does 56.5mpg on the combined cycle, a smidge better than the 54.3mpg recorded by its distant cousin.

However neither is near what a 1.6-litre Greenline Skoda Yeti achieves and with a small 50-litre tank, it’s be a brave driver who pushes the range past a reasonable but no-longer exceptional 500 miles in normal driving.

It's probably best to opt for a diesel

Petrol models won’t even break 40mpg, providing one more reason for you to avoid them.

The Duster comes with a standard 3yr/60,000 mile warranty that can be extended to 5yr/60,000 miles or 7yr/100,000 miles.

Residually Dusters are expected to perform better than you might expect because small SUVs usually fare quite well, there aren’t many on the road and with prices like these, there’s just not that far to fall. Also dealers will not provide any discount at all, which is bad news for those who buy new but will help shore up second hand values.