What’s almost as pleasing as the Aveo’s economy is the fact that Chevrolet has engineered a supermini that drives in a genuinely convincing manner.

One of the reasons for the Aveo’s ride quality is undoubtedly the generous sidewalls of its 195/65 R15 Goodyear Excellence economy tyres, which sit as standard around alloy wheels. The Chevrolet therefore softens and smoothens small surface imperfections with a deftness that would be the equal of many a low-profile-shod large family car.

The Aveo deftly softens and smoothens surface imperfections

But thanks to the absorbent quality of the car’s rubber, Chevrolet has managed to leave the suspension with enough tautness to combine that good ride with respectable control of the car’s body movements.

Don’t misunderstand: the Aveo is not at the sportier end of supermini existence. But when its body movements come, and they do, their rate is well contained and slowed comfortably as well.

A Fiesta and Mazda 2 are tidier still, with no relative loss of comfort, so they remain the choice of the enthusiast driver in this class, but the Aveo is not as far behind as we’ve traditionally expected from Chevrolet. It might be keener still were it not for the diesel engine that sits in the front of this particular model.

The car tipped our scales at 1250kg, which is not terrible in itself but more than we’d expect and hope for from even a large supermini. It’s certainly well over the claimed 1165kg, despite carrying nothing but metallic paint as optional equipment.

Chevrolet, meanwhile, says that the 1.2-litre petrol model is a full 95kg lighter than this diesel. That leaves the diesel itself contributing almost an extra 10 percent to the all-up weight of this car, and it’s all over the nose, so don’t come to the Aveo diesel expecting lots of agility.

It’s pleasing to steer – and steers well, with middling weight and a little road feel. And for all the maturity rather than lightness of foot that the Aveo displays, it’s nonetheless a convincing dynamic set-up.


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