From £33,9559

Part of BMW's M Performance 'warm' range, but does the facelifted M240i have enough about it to become a performance icon?

Namesort icon 0-62mph Top speed CO2 MPG Price
M235i 2dr Convertible [Nav] Step Auto 5.00secs 155mph 184g/km 35.80mpg £38 940
M235i 2dr Coupe [Nav] Step Auto 4.80secs 155mph 176g/km 37.20mpg £35 640
M235i 2dr [Nav] 5.20secs 155mph 199g/km 33.20mpg £37 255
M235i 2dr [Nav] 5.00secs 155mph 189g/km 34.90mpg £33 955
M240i 2dr Convertible [Nav] 4.90secs 155mph 189g/km 34.00mpg £37 585
M240i 2dr [Nav] 4.80secs 155mph 179g/km 36.20mpg £34 285
M240i 2dr [Nav] Step Auto 4.60secs 155mph 163g/km 39.80mpg £35 885
M240i 2dr [Nav] Step Auto 4.70secs 155mph 169g/km 38.20mpg £39 185