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Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation
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When it comes to a Bentley, ‘buying’ is a big part of this process, and were that aspect solely responsible for the mark of this section, it’d be five stars all day long.

Bentley doesn’t make cars on spec, only to order – and if you like, you can choose your specification at the factory, where they’ll show you the veneers and the leathers and some of the people who finish or stitch them.

CAP forecast for the Bentayga’s residuals isn’t great, but it does beat the Mercedes-Maybach and Range Rover rivals

The price you’ll end up paying for your Bentayga, though, is liable to be rather a lot more than the £160,200 that piqued your interest in the first place.

Our test car, without too much bother, had a price that started with a two, but at least there’s the guarantee that yours will be like no one else’s.

That, and the relative scarcity of this model compared with the number of people who’d like one, means that residuals will prove pretty favourable in the short term.

We suggest if you would consider selling the Bentayga in the future, to pick a discreet exterior and interior colour, and it is probably worth the extra opting for the active anti-roll bars while sticking with the 21in alloy wheels. Other than that, fill your boots.

Less so is the fuel economy, particularly if you ask a lot of this car. We returned 19.9mpg overall and no better than 24.8mpg even in fuel-sipping mode. Lesser engines will be available later, and if other Bentleys are anything to go by, they may well be preferable.