Classy, demure and very technologically savvy, the new Audi A4 is a better car in all of the ways that Audi owners would have requested.

It feels like it has been created by a company that has already discovered what its expanding customer base wants and needs only to tweak a winning formula at the margins to keep the orders rolling in.

An even smarter, better way to travel than before, but still ordinary to drive

The car’s dynamic character hardly departs at all from the previous A4’s in making high-speed stability and ease of operation clear priorities over driver involvement, and that will always condemn it somewhat in this magazine’s estimation.

We’d also warn prospective buyers that real-world fuel economy could be an unusually long way off advertised claims and that rival saloons are markedly more dynamically compatible with British roads.

But those who don’t care about such reservations will very much approve of the bubble of high-quality, tech-laden, chrome-accented calm they find in the A4 and continue to consider its obvious substance and sophistication the ultimate expression of everyday premium motoring.

Even so, the Audi A4 still falls short of the Jaguar XE and the BMW 3 Series, which both excel due to their driver appeal, while the Mercedes-Benz C-Class which provides as much practicality as the Audi in saloon and estate forms but is comfier all round.

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