An MG5-based SUV concept will be revealed at the Shanghai motor show later this month
12 April 2013

The MG CS Concept will make its world debut at the Shanghai motor show. The car has been penned by MG design boss, Anthony Williams-Kenny.

MG Motor says the former MG Rover and Mitsubishi designer's concept "oozes British design flair while embracing the sporting DNA of MG, an iconic brand".

The MG CS has headlights which have a "multi-faceted shard structure" that refract light in different colours and shapes from the side, but forms the MG hexagon from the front.

Last year, MG revealed its Icon SUV concept, a retro-styled take on the Nissan Juke. The CS Concept appears to be a refined version of the Icon concept, but has ditched MGB-inspired styling for a more modern look, falling in line with the rest of MG's range.

Little is known about the CS concept, but should it be an evolution of the Icon, it is likely to be based on the MG5's plaform. Power could come from a SAIC-developed, 1.5-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that's understood to develop around 135bhp.

Rumours of an MG SUV have circulated since 2011, when MG's sales and marketing director suggested such a car could follow the introduction of more mainstream models.

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11 April 2013

But, I wouldn't put any money into owning an MG. As good as they may become they are a long way off yet, Kia has only just got their and it has taken them years.

Keep calm & stay happy Smile

11 April 2013

another f4rt in the wind, the MG6 has no advertising, no Automatic, only one petrol and one diesel engine, over priced, under powered, too high co2, too low MPG, the MG3 and MG5 have been on sale in China for some while, so where are they here.

The SUV is another carrot waving exercise, until MG get there finger out and advertise, sell at proper prices and havea decent range of models and power plants they will never sell more than 41 cars in a month.


11 April 2013

It will be interesting to see if the MG 3 that goes on sale in the UK has a better interior etc and if this concept can make it to production without being "blandified" as happened when the MG Zero concept became the MG 3.

I still think that MG need a proper sportscar priced from under £20,000 to get people back in the showrooms. How about them teaming up with Lotus on a slightly bigger mid engined Elise successor like Mazda and Alfa Romeo are doing to boost sales and keep development costs in check?

11 April 2013

All the concepts that became models like the MG3 and MG5 were watered down, so this will be too, it has been quoted that there is no sportscar in the short to mid term.


The MG Zero and and MG5 Concept were really great looking cars, which were toned down so far they became bland and boring, from what i have seen and heard the interior is the same as the Chinese spec cars, but there will be bumper and rear light treatment for the UK, along with differeing suspension set ups.


Various questions have been asked of MG UK about automatics and different engine options etc and the answer is always we have no plans to add this that or the other in near future.

It seems as though, MG have no real interest in selling cars here in the UK.


12 April 2013

Is it still running?

The MG6 sales figures are so low they must have been idling for some months now.. a single carpark of cars would have covered last year's registrations.

12 April 2013

More nice drawings from MG ... Do they actually produce any cars??

12 April 2013

Nice drawing... but it looks like the reality is it will be a Ssangyong Korando with a new grille, as this prototype was spotted:

currently a happy owner of a Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin :)

12 April 2013

Unfortunately, the MG6 is well below par against the competition. Depreciation leaves you with 25% value after 3 years and there are already reliability issues. China needs to come up with something better than this heavily polluting car from another era.

13 April 2013

Couple of fox racing wheels, the chassis for the streetwise and the chinese interpretation of the Nissan Juke and hey presto we have another comedy MG.

I actually can't wait!

14 April 2013

Hadn't they better get there other carson sale first before trying to foist an attempt at an SUV,indeed, try and make there current car on sale more,well,saleable,the only one i've seen recently is sitting in a car showroom!

Peter Cavellini.


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