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Toyota will take on the Ford Fiesta ST with a performance variant of the Yaris, inspired by its Gazoo motorsport outfit
Jimi Beckwith
2 mins read
13 December 2016

A Yaris hot hatch has been confirmed by Toyota and is expected to be badged Toyota Yaris Gazoo, named after the company's motorsport arm.

The Yaris Gazoo model has now been revealed. Click here for more

Toyota Yaris GRMN prototype driven

It will arrive shortly after the launch of its new Toyota Yaris WRC car. The motorsport-spec Yaris packs a 375bhp punch, with 314lb ft of torque, from its turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol engine, although the road-going car is more likely to have a Ford Fiesta ST-rivalling output of around 200bhp and more than 200lb ft of torque. 

The regular Toyota Yaris has now been revealed - see it here

It's likely to be powered by a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine, which would tie the model in with its World Rally Championship counterpart, as Toyota recently announced revisions to its engine line-up to make it more powerful with a greater focus on driver enjoyment. It's too early for official performance figures but the class average for the 0-62mph dash is between 6.5sec and 7.0sec. 

The model will rival a growing number of hot hatches, because the Fiesta ST is set to be joined by a hotter Volkswagen Polo GTI and the rumoured Nissan Micra Nismo

Toyota has not revealed any details about the upcoming Yaris hot hatch, aside from the car's inspiration from the WRC car (pictured). The Gazoo performance moniker is expected to grow from the Yaris, though, to become the in-house performance sub-brand at Toyota, akin to BMW's M division and Mercedes' AMG

A single image of the car - in design sketch form - reveals all the hallmarks of the segment, with larger alloy wheels, a low ride height, low-profile tyres and bodywork upgrades that include a rear spoiler, as well as a three-door bodystyle.

The supermini and city car segments continue to abandon three-car bodystyles as buyers move to the more practical five-door layout, but it seems that Toyota will continue to buck this trend by offering the Yaris Gazoo as a three-door. 

Toyota remains tight-lipped about any details surrounding the Yaris Gazoo but more information is expected to emerge in the opening months of the new year. 

The news comes as Toyota's forthcoming Supra reaches an advanced stage of development and a more dynamic Toyota range becomes a priority for the company. 


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13 December 2016
I really wish they'd done a global name check first.....

13 December 2016
If Toyota really want a high performance Yaris then they'd pretty much have to dump the current car.
It is far from sporty & fun as you could possibly get - I wouldn't have minded that so much when test-driving if it had sacrificed these for comfort, but it was unrefined and a dreadful bumpy suspension, and not very stable at Motorway speeds either. Add in a sea of nasty hard plastics in 51 shades of grey and you don't have a great starting point for a performance version.

The Fiesta ST works because even the basic car has a well-balanced and talented chassis...something Toyota forgot to develop.

As for the name Gazoo, it originates from the 1960's Flintstones cartoon - although the car in that is more advanced than a Yaris!

13 December 2016
Agree with the comments above. A name like Gazoo isn't going to be competing with the serious sounding AMG, M, R, etc. badges any time soon.

I might be interested in a car like this myself though. I like small and humble performance vehicles.

13 December 2016
I wonder if this engine will be used by Lotus in its new Elise (2020), & they are just the right people to make sure this hot hatch rides & handle with the best

13 December 2016
I don't care about the name - I want a hot hatch that isn't going to break down and who's dealerships aren't going to be full of unhelpful, rude, jack-the-lads who don't give a damn about customer service. I also want a true hot hatch and not a warm one (sorry Suzuki Swift). So this appears to be a winner on my list, as long as it drives at least 75% as well as a Fiesta ST.

14 December 2016
It is heartening that in recent years Toyota has become sporting, stirring car enthusiasts hearts with creations such as the GT86, TS0XX LM series race cars and the FT-1 concept.

However it will take quite awhile to acclimatise to its racing brand - Gazoo. Why not TRD? The latter sounds more solid-sounding.

14 December 2016
I wonder if all this is planned to coincide with the next gen Yaris? The sketches don't have much in common with the current Yaris, maybe Toyota has just given us a sneak preview of the next one, which must be due soon? I think we'll pretty soon get used to the name if the products are decent, I mean the name "ST" doesn't exactly set the pulse racing does it.

14 December 2016
Re using the TRD designation rather than Gazoo, I'm afraid that whenever I see TRD my first thought is of something that you can't polish.

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