Zero-emission city car swaps three-pot engine for an electric motor; model will be revealed tonight
Sam Sheehan
22 September 2016

The Smart Electric Drive has been teased in a new video ahead of its world debut later tonight.

The car has now been revealed. Click here to read more.

The zero-emission model ditches the three-cylinder engine of the regular Smart for an all-electric powertrain.

As shown in the video, aside from a few Electric Drive badges, the model’s design is unchanged from its combustion engined silbings.

For full technical information and specs, check back on just after 11pm tonight when the car will make its world debut.

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Smart Fortwo

It's bigger and bolder than before, but is this new city car any better?

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23 September 2016
it ends up with a 120 mile range and is within a few grand of the ICE version then I feel it's the beginning of the end for the ICE Smart

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion

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