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DfT figures show rise in illegal vehicles on the roads
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15 April 2008

Over two million vehicles in the UK are untaxed according to figures from the Department of Transport. The government’s statistics estimate that the amount of untaxed vehicles in Britain has risen by 63 per cent in seven years while the number of successful prosecutions has almost halved. Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick revealed the statistics during a parliamentary questioning session with Conservative transport spokeswoman Theresa Villers. The figures estimate that the amount of untaxed vehicles in Britain has increased steadily from 1.3 million in 1999 to 2.1 million in 2006. During the same period the conviction rate of road tax evaders has fallen from 204,606 to 103,108.Commenting on the government’s record Miss Villers said: “Rogue drivers without tax or insurance are a menace to other road users. The direct result of Labour’s incompetence in dealing with rogue drivers is that our roads are more dangerous.”The government has now proposed legislation to allow the police and DVLA to take action against untaxed vehicles that are off the road. Yet critics are sceptical of such plans claiming that persistent offenders are unlikely to show up on the DVLA’s records and many are uninsured and without a MOT or valid driver’s license.

Laurence Edmondson


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15 April 2008

is this about catching these rogue drivers or moaning abt missed revenue?

15 April 2008

No big deal. They more than make up for this by fleecing the law abiding drivers for all they are worth.

15 April 2008

Does that include the x number(100K, 500K, 1m, 1m+?) eastern European registered vehicles, mainly Polish, that exist here now semi-permanently? The ones which are supposed to leave the country or register for UK taxes before 6 months is up? The ones which sail through speed cameras, tolls, C-charges, automatic registration number capture systems etc.? The ones where the eastern European owners, mainly Poles, take a day trip on a ferry across the Channel and come back to start another official 6 month tax free period? Boy the English are saps.

15 April 2008

Am I wrong in thinking that we were told some time ago, by one Transport Minister or other, that the combination of revised procedures at the DVLA and the installation of a network of number-plate recognition cameras across the country would make it virtually impossible to drive around in an unregistered or uninsured car undetected and eventually unpunished ? Surely it cannot be rocket science for one of the many police, traffic wardens or community support officers we are supposed to have these days, to check on their handheld computers and then arrange for an offending vehicle to be clamped or towed away and not returned to the owner until taxed and insured properly. As far as prosecutions go, there can be no grey areas on this sort of matter, you either have tax and insurance or you don't. Does the drop in successful prosecutions mean that we are just not prosecuting offenders ? if so, why?

15 April 2008

From above report:

"The government has now proposed legislation to allow the police and DVLA to take action against untaxed vehicles that are off the road." - What the f*&k does that mean!

Are they saying that SORN(statutory off road notice) is dead? Are these clowns, DVLA/ Plod going to be able to challenge any declaration? Assumed to be using vehicle if no tax disc, whether off-road, unused or not? Same f'ing basis as TV Licence snoops? No TV Licence - can't be true, pester the bastard till he pays or jail him - is that it? Guilty unless able to prove one's innocence? English Common Law just gone pfut - again!

Great Britain - police state; police force cum revenue collectors.

15 April 2008

We certainly seem to open ourselves up to this sort of abuse, and not just on motoring issues. It would be interesting to know if other member countries in the EU have the same recurring problems

16 April 2008

Another laughable Labour Government policy. No doubt they will set up an enquiry when the solution is simple: Scrap the RFL and stick more duty on fuel and then people may believe they are serious. Even untaxed vehicle have to put fuel in and those so called 'Gas Guzzlers' will pay a proportional amount to levels of pollution they cause. In addition, low mileage drivers will not subsidise the high mileage business drivers. I did put this forward to my local MP but got a 3 page reply that said nothing.

Why do UK motorists put up with all these bloody taxes and duties when they are just an excuse to raise revenue to bail out the Government . I know which way I;ll be voting in May.

16 April 2008

Pure 100% agreement on this thread.. my 'ditto' to all the posts above :)

The answer as TwinTurbo posts is tax on petrol and do away with this beauracracy a the DVLA. And whle we're on fresh productive tax saving ideas add the Canadians national standard 3rd Party Insurance Cover to all cars in petrol duty and do away with this 'un-insured drivers oppression' too.

21 April 2008

No tax.

No insurance.

No $peeding tickets.

No worries......

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