Nissan Navara pickup gets one Euro NCAP star
26 February 2008

The latest round of EuroNCAP crash-test scores make alarming reading for both Nissan and Isuzu - and anyone who has bought one of their pickup trucks.

EuroNCAP has tested pickup trucks for the first time, in response to their increasing popularity as family vehicles, and the performance of both the Nissan Navara and Isuzu Rodeo has raised serious concerns about their safety.The Isuzu Rodeo scored just two stars for the protection of adult occupants - with the second star "struck through" to indicate an "unacceptably high risk of life-threatening injury."

The Nissan Navara did even worse, scoring just a single struck-through star for adult occupant protection - the worst performance since the Rover 100 was tested in 1997. During the standard frontal impact test, an offset strike against a deformable barrier at 40mph, the Navara's chassis rail collapsed and the accelerator pedal moved backwards nearly 200mm.

In addition, the airbags and seatbelt pretensioners were fired late, increasing the risk of occupant injury. Nissan has been quick to reassure Navara owners that the airbag problems highlighted have been rectified on more recent vehicles, and revised software will be installed on any Navara produced since 2005 by a Nissan dealer, although this won't answer the structural problems. Nissan says a truck with revised airbags has been submitted for testing and the results will be published soon.

Mitsubishi proved that it is possible to build safe pickup trucks, with the L200 scoring four stars for adult occupant protection. Results were also issued for other cars. The Citroen C5 was the only car to score the full five stars for adult occupant protection, with the Suzuki Splash, Renault Kangoo, BMW X3 and Daihatsu Terios all scoring four stars.

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27 February 2008

I bought a navara a year ago. The dealer said it was basically a pathfinder, except for rear suspension, and as safe as houses. I do 30k a year so by the law of averages I'll have a bump or two, so the safety features matter.

If this vehicle really is this unsafe, and a bending chassis in a crash doesn't get much less safe, is it of merchantable quality. The issue of whether customers have redress against nissan under the sale of goods act for selling such a poor vehicle has not been discussed in the media yet. I for one want my money back because I've been sold a dangerous dog of a pick up with fundamental design flaws. Can't see a bit of new airbag software solving the problem nissan. Anyone interested in a class action??!!

I certainly won't be using the car until I can get it sold> imagine what has happened to the residual today!

27 February 2008

[quote psj73]I bought a navara a year ago. The dealer said it was basically a pathfinder, except for rear suspension, and as safe as houses.[/quote]

I also assumed that the Pathfinder and Navaro were bascially one and the same (which is not to excuse the dealer). But the Pathfinder has four stars. So what does Nissan take out of the Navaro that makes it such an NCAP dud? Anyone any ideas?

28 February 2008

One-star for a pickup thought these things were solid!

26 March 2013

My father bought a Navarra 2 months ago. All I can say is amazing. It's really powerful especially when we're going into the mountains it can carry many people because it's so big and strong.

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14 June 2013

I've been an enthusiaast in cars and my dream is to buy this car the Nissan Navarra. It looks coll and nice, as I have tried it it runs smoothly and not a noisy car. It doesnt elliminate dark smoke. It is nicely furnished isdie and out. Im recommending it to my family and friends.

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